About Seaport as

Seaport AS is a former daughter company of Syversen AS, which was established in 1940.

We were founded in 1987, and are today a leading company in the market.

Seaport AS is a distributor of Bjorn Borg products in the Norwegian textile market. We also own three concept stores.


Our focus is based on having competitive products, promotion, and distribution. We are building our brand based on long term relationships to our clients and partners\suppliers. Our main strengths are in logistics, brand building, organization and service minded employees.


Our back office and 2500 sqm warehouse is located in Fredrikstad, one hour drive south of Oslo. We have our own showroom at Parkveien 29, Oslo.

We are 15 employees, and our turnover was 13 mill EUR in 2009.



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